Cheese of the Month: Camembert

Camembert//Could it Brie? 

I camembert waiting any longer to try this cheese.

My first thought about this cheese was that it looked a whole lot like brie cheese but smelled a whole lot funkier. However, I remembered the phrase about cheese “the smellier the better,” which would probably explain camembert’s hefty price tag. I wonder if it was a coincidence that the upper class is often portrayed as having their nose turned up, as this was exactly my uncontrolled response after inhaling the scent this cheese carried.IMG_0470.jpg

As I inspected the wheel of cheese I could not help but notice that the rind also looked identical to the rind I am used to finding on brie cheese. It felt smooth, like the skin on the bottom of your feet after a pedicure, but it also felt dusty, I half-expected to find remnants of white powder on my fingertips.


When I bought this particular wheel of camembert to try (I bought 170 gram wheel by President’s Choice, more info here) I noticed that the camembert wheels, regardless of the brand, were smaller in size than the brie wheels. In fact they were almost half of the size. According to, “Traditionally, a wheel of Brie measures between 9 and 17 inches in diameter, while Camembert is a fraction of that at just 5 inches across.” This to me makes camembert more appealing when I am only looking to feed myself or possibly one other person. I would definitely stick to buying a wheel of brie when I am creating and serving a recipe for a large number of people.

When it finally came time for me to pop a sliver of camembert in my mouth I was again disappointed. Perhaps I am not the cheese connoisseur I thought I was or maybe it is because I currently have the flu but I found that not only did it have the same texture but also a very similar taste to brie. It felt velvety on my tongue, creamy as if it had just been milked from a sheep earlier today.


From today’s taste test I have determined that I have not been missing out on camembert after all. However, I do have plans to bake with it tonight, stay tuned as I may have a different verdict after I spend some quality time with it in the kitchen.

Could you brie anymore interested? Check out this article on Pop Sugar Food that compares the two cheeses here.


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